Cool Peels Treatments – Facial

  1. Face – Cool Peel Ageing Reset


  1. Face – Cool Peel Pigmented Skin



  1. Face –  Cool Peel Blemish Prone Skin




Cool Peels Treatments –Body Parts

Body Parts ( Neck, Arms, Stomach, Back, Buttocks, Upper Leg, Lower leg)

Others have issues with sagging lower arms, neck line, discoulored part of the legs or back, stretch marks, or oily and pimpled prone back, just to name a few.

Cool Peel can help you with our Vitamin A and Vitamin C Serum. We use to help these vitamins penetrate more into the deeper layer of the skin; the focused-on body parts you want to work on.

  1. Body Cool Peel Ageing Reset
  2. Body Cool Peel Pigmentation
  3. Body Cool Peel Blemish Prone Skin


Contraindications for Use:

NOT for: existing or extractions open wounds, cosmetic uses, severe flaring or contagious conditions (dermatosis, infection, cancer, tumor, etc.)



For best results, 12 – 24 times treatments. We recommend once a week for six times. Then, followed every two weeks. Once the desired result has been achieved, we can do a maintenance every four weeks.