Amy Mackay

Amy Mackay, Hypnotherapist

Amy acquired her Bachelor’s degree majoring in Psychology, double minoring in Philosophy and History from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada. She has always been interested in alternative and complementary therapy options which led her to discover the relaxing world of hypnotherapy! She began her work in hypnotherapy two years ago when she studied with Luke Chao, the owner of Camden Spa, at his clinic in downtown Toronto. She has acquired her RCH (Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist) designation accredited by ARCH Canada, one of the leading hypnotherapy associations in the country.

Hypnotherapy teaches us that all the tools we need to exhibit positive change and feel positivity in ourselves and our perspectives of the world exists already within us. As a hypnotherapist, Amy loves to act as a guide and help people discover, understand and utilize these tools. Amy looks forward to aid people in becoming the best version of themselves through the relaxing and therapeutic process of hypnosis!