Our aestheticians are renowned for their ability to perform waxing as painlessly as possible, even in sensitive areas.

This is not a speed wax: We will take the time to attend to your needs and ensure that you have as pleasant an experience as possible. We use lavender soft wax in our waxing treatments.

Women’s Waxing Rates

WaxSingle4 Months Unlimited
Full Body
(full face, full arm, underarm, full leg, brazilian/bikini)
Full Face$41$134
Chin + Temples$23$72
Upper lip$15$40
Full Arm$38$132
Half Arm$21$64
Brazilian + Half Leg$82$288
Deep Bikini$51$164
Bikini + Half Leg$62$208
Half Leg$31$104
Full Leg63$212
Feet + Toes$13$30

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of wax do you use?

We use tea tree oil cream wax. For arms and legs, we use raspberry roll-on wax.

Q: What is the difference between bikini waxing, French bikini and Brazilian waxing?

Bikini refers to hair being removed from the top and sides, around the underwear line. French Bikini is hair removed from the top, sides under the underwear line, and deeper into the thigh area. Brazilian is removal of all hair in/outside of underwear line, and between the buttocks. Some hair may be left on the front, depending on client preference.

Q: Does waxing hurt? How can I make it hurt less?

Waxing does hurt momentarily. If you have had bad experiences, or have sensitive skin, let us know when booking, and we can do our best to make your experience here comfortable and as painless as possible.

Q. What makes your waxing services better than a waxing bar?

We are not speed waxers. Our aestheticians take the time to make sure you are comfortable, and that they are thorough during the procedure. We use a lavender soft wax, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

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