Aging skin requires more repair work. We can see damage as wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, pigmentation or moles. Aging skin requires proper sun protection throughout the day, since sun protection can delay certain signs of aging.

Peels and microdermabrasion are highly recommended for this skin type. Different formulations of peels can target and improve pigmentation, sun damage and dry skin. Including any kind of repair serum, especially a hyaluronic-based serum, in your daily regimen is a must for this skin type, but every product you’re using should have a repair ingredient. A hydration-based mask should be used two to three times a week, especially during the winter months. 

Come for a free consultation and we’ll recommend the right regimen for you.

Recommended Treatments

  • Camden Spa Facial
  • Age-Defying Facial (repairs aging skin)
  • Deep Hydration Collagen Facial (restores moisture to the skin, as dry skin ages faster)
  • Oxygen Facial (the apple stem cell mask promotes blood circulation)
  • The Ultimate Glow (the best solution for dry, aging skin)
  • Microdermabrasion (gets rid of excessive dryness with a deeper exfoliation and sets up the surface of the skin for deeper hydration)
  • Lactic and Glycolic Peels (the right combination of peels addresses fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation)

Recommended Products

Cleanser: Pre-Cleanse and Essential Cleansing Solution, Special Cleansing Solution or Skin Resurfacing cleanser
Exfoliant: Multivitamin Thermofoliant or Daily Resurfacer
Toner: Antioxidant Hydromist or Multiactive Toner
Day serum: Extrafirming Booster, Skin Defence Booster, Skin Hydrating Booster or Skin Renewal Booster
Night serum: Phyto Replenish Oil, Overnight Repair Serum, Map 15 Regenerator, Overnight Retinol Repair
Day moisturizer: Skin Smoothing Cream, Intensive Moisture Balance, Super Sensitive Shield, Ultra Sensitive Shield, Dynamic Skin Recovery or Sheer Tint
Night moisturizer: Super Rich Repair or Intensive Moisture Balance
Mask: Multivitamin Power Mask
Morning eye treatment: Total Eye Care
Night eye treatment: Age Reversal Eye Complex, Intensive Eye Repair, Multivitamin Powerfirm or Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum

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