Dry skin tends to love summer and hate every month from fall to spring. You won’t get breakouts, but you might get eczema or itchiness. It does not regenerate itself quickly, so you will have to use products that contain more active ingredients, and get facials where the aestheticians can use more aggressive products in professional lines that are not available retail. Hydration masks are highly recommended once or twice a week, and morning/night hydration serums can help to keep water in skin. With the use of the right serums and moisturizers, you can prevent premature aging. Putting a humidifier on at nighttime during the winter months can help too. To get a better indication of what works for your skin, please book a free skin care assessment.

Recommended Treatments

  • Camden Spa Facial
  • O2 Signature Lift (contains apple stem cells which promotes blood flow in skin; see immediate results after the facial)
  • Deep Hydration Collagen Facial (collagen mask promotes water retention in the skin)
  • Age-Defying Facial (includes potent serums before and after mask, which do repair work for dry skin)
  • The Ultimate Glow (our best facial, this combines microdermabrasion, a peel and collagen mask; your skin will feel bright and supple for weeks)
  • Glycolic or Lactic Peels (pulls water from deeper cells to closer to the surface, plumping up the skin; does repair work; lactic peels give skin an extra ‘nudge’ while glycolic peels are better for pigmentation or sun damage)
  • Microdermabrasion (a more aggressive way of getting a good exfoliation compared to using products; then we can add hydration with professional serums),

Recommended Products

Cleanser: Pre-Cleanse and Essential Cleansing Solution, Special Cleansing Solution, Ultra Calming Cleanser or Skin Resurfacing Cleanser
Exfoliant: Daily Microfoliant, Daily Resurfacer or Microvitamin Foliant
Toner: Antioxidant Hydromist or Multiactive Toner
Day serum: Extrafirming Booster, Skin Hydrating Booster or Skin Renewal Booster
Night serum: Overnight Repair Serum, Phyto Replenish Oil, Map 15 Regenerator or Overnight Retinol Repair
Day moisturizer: Ultrasensitive Tint, Supersensitive Tint, Dynamic Skin Recovery or New Sheer Tints
Night moisturizer: Skin Smoothing Cream, Intensive Moisture Balance, Super Rich Repair or Power Rich
Mask: Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque or Skin Hydrating Masque
Morning eye treatment: Total Eye Care
Night eye treatment: Age Reversal Eye Complex, Intensive Eye Repair, Multivitamin Powerfirm or Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum

Questions? Book a Free Skin Care Assessment

We want to start our relationship on the right foot, and that’s why we’re offering a free 15-minute skin care assessment to identify your needs. Please phone us at 416-203-8858 or complete the form now to schedule this free consultation.

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