Vitamin & Collagen Induction Therapy – Facial  

Facial Treatments

  1. Camden’s Vitamin A & C facial – for all skin types
  2. Camden’s Youth Reset Facial –
  3. Camden’s Deep Cleansing Facial –
  4. Focusing on moisture boost –essential treatments
  5. Comfort Calm facial – sensitive skin
  6. Camden’s Radiant Reveal facial – for pigmented skin


Vitamin & Collagen Induction Therapy –  Body

Body Treatments – focusing on specific part of the body:






Upper Leg

Lower leg


Contraindications for Use:

NOT for: existing or extractions open wounds, cosmetic uses, severe flaring or contagious conditions (dermatosis, infection, cancer, tumor, etc.)



For best results, 6- 24 times treatments. We recommend once a week for 6 six. Then, followed every two weeks. Once the desired result has been achieved, we can maintenance on a monthly basis.