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Camden Spa specializes in facial spa treatments, body treatments, Microneedling for scarring, anti-aging, sun damage, blemished-prone, sensitive, sagging,  and pigmented skin. We also offer waxing hair removal services., wellness through body fitness, and world class products for your home use.

Our mission is our clients’ mission…. to be extremely satisfied with our service beyond your expectation.

Your skincare and wellness goals are our priority.

Our experienced staff are here to analyze your specific skin concerns, and develop/map out the right skincare journey for you. We think of the bigger picture, with long term benefits and visible improvement in mind, so you don’t have to.

We take pride in tracking the success of each of our clients’ road to healthy skin.

Your personal growth is our pleasure!

We recognize that our success lays in the hands of our loyal clients, and our service proves it.

Here at Camden Spa, you are always first.

Camden Spa’s World Class Customer is always right.

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Our staff is committed to our customer satisfaction, wellness, and skin health success. Our world class clients’ approval and positive results are the reasons we are still standing. We at Camden Spa Skincare and Wellness are constantly continuing to improve, change, and learn to better service our customers’ ever changing needs and requirements.


We provide skin services, use facial instruments, and machines with advanced technology that are natural and non-evasive to your skin. We research products that reveal the skin’s beautiful texture and have proven science to help the skin to be more normalized and in turn, healthy. Vitamin A, C, E, peptides, and antioxidants enhance the largest organ of the body, our skin, and its youthful beautiful look inside out no matter what age.


We only offer the best in the world. Our products and skin services defy ageing with powerful combinations of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and scientifically researched peptides. We offer skincare services that best suited each individual skin issues and not what’s in or fads.


Camden Spa Skincare and Wellness constantly research effective, non-invasive facials, protocols, and technology for the face and body with proven track record that elevate skin’s health inside and out. Moreover, Environ products, and packaging are Swiss Vitamin Institute certified which guarantees the active Environ efficacy. Environ also created the Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM to help the skin gradually become more comfortable with the levels of Vitamin A and other ingredients to keep the skin look healthy and beautiful. 

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Camden Spa Skincare & Wellness specializes in skin care -  facial spa treatments, body treatments, microneedle skin roller, and waxing hair removal services. Our Shop E-store also introduces you to the best products in the world that are based on science and proven results. During the current COVID 19 pandemic, we are at 100 King Street West in the Financial District. Camden Spa Skincare & Wellness is operating with limited hours and limited services in downtown Toronto, still conveniently located in the heart of the city. Camden Spa was a small urban spa centrally located in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion District. Just steps from the hustle and bustle of Queen Street West at Spadina.


On Camden  Street, the previous Spa retained the charm of the original industrial space with its high ceilings, exposed support beams and ventilation pipes overhead. The rectangular shape had been transformed by curving walls that gently flow throughout, moving you through your time at the spa. Old buildings come with their own unique personality – our clients were familiar with the occasional creaking floor or sound of an exuberant exchange with a client after a treatment.  We like to think this added to the charm and character of our previous unique space and we hope you will like our future new space too.

Back in December 2019, a client came for an appointment. He proudly mentioned he was friend with the first original owner of Camden Spa. It was opened in 1997(!) with a man named Ian and his partner. We told him to pass the message that we would like to meet his friend one day. Since 1997 (hearsay due to back then, no computer or internet booking yet on record! LOL!), many owners, corporations, managers, and staff came along and gave their best to their clients. It is a great privilege for us to carry that torch to make sure excellence in customer service and safety always come first. Now, 2020, a pandemic year, we have different staff with continued training and learning, new site, new products, new machines, and many things new, innovative, and new services to serve you.


Our experienced and knowledgeable staff take pride in our work and will do our utmost to make you feel comfortable, cared for, and pampered while you’re with us. We also take interest in your well-being post treatment, so expect a friendly follow up once you’ve left. Furthermore, our current aestheticians and staff consistently continue our growth in skincare and customer care with training and continued learning with new products, new equipment, and new innovative knowledge and skills for our clients. If you’re in search of a “hotel-spa” experience—we may not be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a professional yet relaxed spa environment that provides urban renewal—you’ve found your spot!

Camden prides itself in offering a thorough, friendly and personal spa experience.


We look forward to serving you, Camden's World Class Client.