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Please feel free to email us your resume.

 Nonetheless, we are hiring and conducting interviews. We will contact you for an interview via phone &/or in person. In addition, we can keep your resume on file.

RMT Registered Massage Therapist(s)

Due to the current pandemic COVID19, we are looking for a full-time employee.

Again, our clients prefer honest, reliable, has work ethic, and hard worker.

If you are willing to grow and learn with us, please send your resume.

It is important that you enjoy what you do and willing to give superb quality of service to our clients.


>>>> Flexibility - part- time/full time

>>>> Vacation pay, EI, CPP, Holiday pay

>>>> Medical/Dental benefits

>>>> Also, as you can see the government support tax payers during the pandemic era.

It's a requirement to have an impeccable customer service, team player, as well as a leader, and a responsible individual for these positions.

Many small and big businesses do not succeed due to many reasons. One example is THEFT that takes many forms: product theft, time theft, services theft,  customer & illegal solicitations.

We are part of a web. We are a small business creating jobs for women and men, our suppliers, landlords, insurance companies, web designers, IT, site administrators, booking companies, cleaners, shipping/receiving personnel, students, customer service, and many other services that are connected to us. We are proud of what we do creating jobs and helping our local economy run.

Therefore, Camden Spa is looking for employees that have pleasant character and solid integrity.

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