Environ Skin EssentiA Products Q&A

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Q: I have a mature, tough skin and would like to start on a higher level of Vitamin A moisturizer.

A: The more mature and damaged the skin, the more likely the skin is Vitamin A depleted. It is therefore imperative to start low and go slow to ensure that the Vitamin A receptors are restored before moving onto higher levels of Vitamin A. A possibility of transient retinoid reactions may be prevented by using a measured step-up system to increase the level of Vitamin A. Remember, if you are not applying Vitamin A every morning and evening, your skin could be deficient in Vitamin A.

Q: How is it possible for my teenager to start on the same moisturiser as me?

A: All skin types need to follow the same Vitamin A step-up procedure. This Range is aimed at normalizing any skin abnormality but all skin types need to be eased onto the Vitamin A moisturizers to avoid a retinoid reaction.

Q: I would like to add some of the Skin EssentiA products to my current skin care brand of choice.

A: This is not ideal. The Skin EssentiA Range is carefully designed to be used together as a complete skin care programme. The formulations complement one another and work synergistically towards creating beautiful, healthy looking skin.

Q: Will the Skin EssentiA Range be enough for my skin?

A: Yes. Skin EssentiA moisturizers are aimed at normalizing any skin abnormality and are therefore essential for creating healthy looking skin. Should your skin, however, require more intensive support for a specific skin concern, it is recommended to combine the Skin EssentiA Range with the appropriate product/s from the Environ Specialist Range segments.

Q: I have never used a pre-cleanser before; is it really necessary?

A: Preparing the skin is as important as feeding it. When the skin is prepared correctly it allows for the ingredients that follow to be more effective. A pre-cleansing oil effectively cleanses the skin, dissolving any oily residues without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The skin will already start looking nourished and refreshed only after this simple step.

Q: For my mature skin I prefer an eye cream – will an eye gel be sufficient?

A: Absolutely. This eye gel is packed with a powerful combination of vitamins, peptides and antioxidants that assists in softening the appearance of fine lines. This sophisticated gel also contains Panthenol, which is super hydrating and soothing and is gentle enough for sensitive eyes. The eye gel has a light texture which does not cause puffy eyes.

Q: How long will these moisturizers last?

A: As far as possible, we do not add preservatives to our formulations; we therefore have a limited shelf life. It is important to us for our consumers to use the freshest product possible to get the best results. It is recommended to use Vitamin A every morning and evening for optimal results. In the morning we prepare and protect the skin against the day’s activities and enhance its ability to fight environmental and natural damages. At night we nourish the skin and support its natural repairing and regenerative processes. If your moisturizer lasts longer than the recommended period after opening, it is most likely that you are not following the optimal way of application.

Q: I previously used the AVST Range. What is the difference between AVST and Skin EssentiA?

A: The Skin EssentiA Range replaces the AVST Range. There have been no changes made to the formula, only the packaging has been updated.

Skin Questions and Answers (Courtesy of Skin Health Canada)

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