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Now Offering World Class Medical Grade Products & Micro-needling Services for You

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

We’ve Brought Environ to Camden!

We couldn’t be more excited to share this medical grade beauty treatment with all of our loyal clients.

Thanks to the skilled professionals at Skin Health Canada, our estheticians are now trained to conduct microneedling treatments that gradually diminish fine lines as well as post acne scarring and indentation.

Our Microneedling Treatment uses Environ Skincare to Reduce & Prevent the Following Skin Conditions After Consistent Use:

ROUGHNESS – The skin becomes dry and rough to the touch.

WRINKLING – Wrinkles are caused by a loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis, and are aggravated by dehydration of the skin.

LAXITY – The skin develops a sagging appearance.

ELASTOSIS – This condition also known as “chicken skin,” “goose-flesh” or “turkey-neck,” is found on the neck and chest area.

SALLOW SKIN – Facial blood vessels are damaged & become fewer, causing a pale yellow appearance in the skin.

IRREGULAR PIGMENTATION – Discolouration can occur in any skin pigment, but is a leading cosmetic complaint amongst Asian complexions.

SOLAR COMEDONES – After severe sun damage, large “blackheads” (comedones) occur in the oily areas of the face, such as the forehead and nose.

SOLAR (ACTINIC) KERATOSES – Sun-spots (or keratoses) eventually occur due to damaged DNA within irradiated cells.

How Does it Work?

By creating micro-punctures in the skin, collagen levels boost to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, making it more plump, smooth, and even.

When you pair this technique with medical grade products that reach the deepest absorption level of your skin, the long term benefits become a part of your skin’s natural appearance.

Microneedling can be a solution for many different kinds of skin trauma, and can be conducted on various parts of the body, making it the well rounded dermal beauty go-to it is today.

Call in to Book for a Consult!

Please see below for examples of how microneedling improves dynamic skin textures!

Please call in at 416 203 8858 or email us at to book a free microneedling skin consultation.

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