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EyEnvy™ is a breakthrough formula that helps improve the length, volume and thickness of both eyelashes and eyebrows. The combination of vitamins and strengthening peptides creates an impressive cocktail that conditions and hydrates both your eyelashes and eyebrows. Clinical studies have shown that EyEnvy helps improve the length and density of your own natural lashes, and users noticed an improved appearance of their eyelashes and eyebrows in only 4-6 weeks.


EyEnvy™ is an ultimate growth serum for lashes, it is also a complementary product for people who have eyelash extensions where a higher density and length of extensions is desired.

Soon everyone will be saying EyEnvy™ your lashes!

EyEnvy Eyelash & Eyebrow Conditioner | EyEnvy Revitalisant Pour Cils Et Sourcils

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