Our Services

  • 30-minute Swedish Massage (non-reg) and facial deep cleansing pore

    1 hr 45 min

    205 Canadian dollars
  • Complete Camden Experience 30Min Non-reg Massage, Facial, Quick Mani

    3 hr

    265 Canadian dollars

A selection of favourite spa treatments and services, bundled together for your enjoyment and savings! 

The Camden

“The Perfect Spa Experience”

The Camden offers the perfect chance to sample all of the Spa’s delights and makes a wonderful offering or introduction to the Spa. You begin with one of Camden’s specialties—the Camden Spa Facial, a soothing skin care treatment that exfoliates, rehydrates and nourishes the skin giving it a fresh glow. Following your facial you’ll be treated to a 30 minute massage, your choice of deep tissue or Swedish, and from there you’ll float to the back of the Spa to experience the Classic manicure and Classic pedicure. When you’re finished you’ll feel refreshed from head to toe and you’ll probably want to curl up on a massage table for a nap.

$265.00 | 30-minute Massage, Facial, Manicure and Pedicure


Spend a half-day at the spa and allow us to replenish your skin and your senses. Your experience begins with Camden Spa’s specialty—a Camden Spa Facial that will soothe and reinvigorate your skin all at once! With a happy glow on your face you’ll experience the wonders of a full body exfoliation consisting of sugars and salts suspended in essential oils followed by a shea butter lotion expertly massaged into your skin. A quick rinse and you’re off for a relaxing 30 minute massage of your choice, deep tissue or Swedish. Replenished, reinvigorated—your body and soul will rejoice!

$305.00 | Facial, Body Treatment and 30-minute massage


Your spa time begins with a Lavender & Mint Body Scrub.

Excellent for all skin types. Nonetheless, this treatment is also ideal for anyone with dry, irritated skin in the winter months—or for gaining a smooth and even tan in the summer months. This full body treatment uses a combination of sugars and salts suspended in essential oils and hydrating body lotions to exfoliate and re-hydrate your skin from head to toe. Your treatment finishes with a rich body cream expertly massaged into the skin. Your skin stimulated and refreshed you’ll be on your way to one of our highly trained and experienced masseuse for a 30 minute  Massage that will leave you feeling like you’re on a cloud. Revitalized, refreshed and ready to take on the world!

$230 | Body Exfoliation and 30-minute Massage


Escape the crowds on Queen West and drift into the calm of the Spa. We’ll start your visit with the Camden’s renowned Camden Spa Facial, a soothing, restorative, exfoliation, cleansing then re-hydration of the skin. Hot towels on your face and a soothing shoulder massage…bliss. After your face if fresh and relaxed we’ll deliver you to our other relaxation specialists in one of the spa rooms. You’ll be treated to the warmth and restorative powers of our massage. Let your cares just float away…

$205.00 | 30-minute Massage and facial


Start from the beginning

Rejuvenate and excite your skin with our most popular anti-aging skin treatment, Camden Spa’s Signature treatment—“The Ultimate Glow”. This treatment is a combination of Microdermabrasion followed by a Vitamin C Peel and finished with a Deep Hydrating Collagen treatment. You’ll start with a massage – 30 minutes of pure relaxation (deep tissue or Swedish massage) from one of our one of our knowledgeable highly trained and experienced masseuse. Nice and relaxed you’ll then begin your skin treatment with microdermabrasion, which improves skin texture, elasticity and overall skin tone. Next, your expert skin care specialist will then apply the Vitamin C peel to further exfoliate your skin while stimulating the natural collagen that lies underneath – improving pigmentation, appearance of fine lines and overall texture. You finish with a deep rehydration of your skin using collagen and elastin products. Relaxed, refreshed and glowing, you’ll glance in the mirror and be amazed at the youthful appearance of your skin!

$280.00 | 30-minute Massage and The Ultimate Glow

Urban Renewal

Your time at the spa will start off with the most popular facial we offer – the Camden Spa Facial. Your skin refreshed, clean and rehydrated you’ll scoot on down the hall to the manicure and pedicure area where one of our aestheticians will happily treat you to a full Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure that will leave you feeling clean and refreshed from head to toe.

$190.00 | Camden Spa facial, Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure

Travel Kit

Taking a Vacation? Don’t forget the Travel Kit!

A Spa Manicure and Spa pedicure are highlighted with the deep hydrating paraffin wax treatment that will leave your feet and hands ready to tackle any environment! Topped off with a beautiful polish, regular or French, your choice, you’ll then be welcomed by one of our friendly aesthetician’s for your choice of waxing – bikini, French bikini or Brazilian, whatever suits your style. Everything you need for your pre-boarding preparation is at the Spa—bundled and waiting to go.

$125.00 | Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure & waxing of your choice


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